Back to School Tips from a Sober Mama.

It’s that time of year again!

The summer is winding down, and depending on where you live, the weather is changing along with the season. Summertime with kids can get busy and the weeks can feel long.

Time is filled with camps, barbecues, and family trips. As fall gets closer, the busy season isn’t over, it just looks a little different. The kids prepare to head back into their classrooms, and back-to-school season begins.

For some parents, this is a time to celebrate.

As parents send off the kids, they get their routines back too. Some get excited to finally get a “break” from their kids. And parents often celebrate with each other. If you’re sober, these get-togethers can be daunting. Alcohol is often front and center. You don’t have to attend these boozy events if you don’t want to. But if you feel like you do, you’re not required to stay for a long time. Bring your favorite NOPE beverage, and most likely no one will even notice you aren’t drinking. 

Here are some more reminders as we head into the fall season:

Get Organized

As the school year begins, there is so much to prepare for.

School shopping is underway and our kids want all the latest trends.

It can be a lot to keep up with. Organization is key here! As you start planning, make a list of items your kids need with a separate section for things that they want. If you’re not great at this, don’t worry. Most schools will provide you with a list of classroom necessities. Ask your child’s teacher if you’re not sure. 

Don’t forget to add some things for yourself to the list. Buy that book you’ve been dying to read. Get some soothing bath salts. Treat yourself to your favorite chocolates. This is a time to celebrate your child’s new adventures.

Being a sober parent doesn’t mean that you’re boring now, it simply means you don’t drink. So get some fancy new glassware, pour in your favorite NOPE beverage, and relax. You deserve it. 

Embrace Routine and SLOW DOWN

Once the kids are back into their routines and the dust has settled, allow yourself to slow down.

This can be difficult for people who have decided to quit drinking.

If they were heavy drinkers in the past, they have the same go-big attitude in other areas of their lives too.

Like other habits, you can break this one too. The more you catch yourself adding to your calendar, the more you’ll be able to break that habit and relax. Having downtime is golden, especially if you’re a parent of busy children. Doing nothing is so underrated. Try it, you might be surprised how much you like it!

Soak Up The Last of Summer

If you live somewhere that gets cold and snowy, try to soak up the tail end of the summer weather.

Grab a NOPE and head to the backyard, or have one last BBQ with friends. Go on that boat ride you’ve been talking about. Get out and do some of the things still left on your summer bucket list. The holidays will be here before we know it.

No matter how you plan to spend the last weeks of summer, try to enjoy them. As they say, the days are long but the years go by fast. Your kids are growing up before your eyes, make sure you’re paying attention!

Written by: Blair Sharp

Cut Out Alcohol for a Healthy Summer + 5 Benefits.

Chances are, you already understand that the latest alcohol trend is … having none! What you might not fully know is exactly why people are choosing to put down their drinks. 

We are here to guide you through the reasoning. 

Cutting out alcohol not only has health benefits, but also mental health and spiritual benefits as well. To help you understand this trend, here are some quick facts: 

  1. The non-alc beverage industry is expected to grow 5.21%. This is because consumers are demanding more non-alc options! 
  2. Drinking increased during the pandemic (especially for women), leaving people wanting to give it up after quarantine. Likely because it’s not an effective coping mechanism. 
  3. The 2020 Cocktail Trends Report by spirits brand Bacardi found that lower alcohol content in drinks was the No. 1 trend and Google searches for the term “mocktailincreased by 42% last year.

So, you get the point right? For those of us in the sober community, this news is very exciting. Today, we’re going to drop some truth bombs on you that you won’t be able to ignore. 

Below are five major benefits of cutting out alcohol for the summer (or forever). 

  1. Sleep better

If you’re drinking excessively, you’re likely not sleeping too well. Alcohol messes with your sleep-wake cycles. This makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Poor sleep can lead to a lack of focus, daily fatigue, and even anxiety. 

Cutting out alcohol can improve your sleep cycle and have you feeling rested! You’ll need all the sleep you can get for summer adventures. 

  1. Weight loss

People who cut out alcohol often report weight loss. Now, this is not always the case for everyone. Alcohol is filled with sugars and empty calories - this is the reason people often lose weight when quitting. 

If you’re hoping for weight loss, consider investing in an overall healthier lifestyle while you cut out booze. With so many fruits and veggies in season during the summer, a healthy lifestyle can be pretty tasty!

  1. Glowing, healthy skin

Alcohol causes dehydration and inflammation, both of which can do major damage to your skin. When you stop drinking, your skin can efficiently repair itself and be restored to a natural glowy state! 

  1. Feel more aligned with yourself

Alcohol can cause periods of anxiety, depression, paranoia, and more. With all of that going on, it’s hard to feel connected with your truest self. 

Cutting out alcohol will allow you to reconnect with yourself, your goals, and your deepest desires! Booze could be the one thing holding you back from having the life you’re searching for. 

  1. Better mental health

You don’t need us to tell you that alcohol is bad for your mental health. Many people turn to alcohol to cope with real mental health issues, but end up feeling worse because alcohol is … well … a poison. 

You may feel temporary relief, but the long-term impacts can be devastating. Alcohol is a depressant, so if it makes you feel depressed then it’s doing its job. 

But guess what? You don’t have to put up with that! You have the power to say no and to put yourself and your health at priority number one. 

We believe in you. 

Who can say no to all of that!? 

We definitely couldn’t. As an alcohol-free beverage brand, NOPE is happy to be just one of many advocates fighting for alcohol abuse change and awareness. 

Even if you take a break for a few months and then reevaluate your relationship with alcohol, you’ll still see those major benefits. 

If you need a little somethin’ to get you through a break from booze, you’re in the right place! Our drinks are designed for people just like you. 

We know you want tasty options that are easy to grab on the go or at home. Shop our flavor-packed mocktails and set yourself up to succeed on your break from alcohol. 

Shop here today!

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

4 Kind and Helpful Things to Say to Your Sober Friend.

If you have a friend who is fighting addiction, substance abuse, or is even successfully sober, this is for you! Recovery takes on many different shapes and forms. 

Your friend might even be in recovery from something that isn’t substance-related like an eating disorder or from past trauma. 

Either way, you are here on our blog because you want to be supportive and helpful! 

We applaud you for wanting to be a good friend and are happy to lend a helping hand. 

If you don’t have experience in the recovery world, you likely feel like you don’t know what to say and when to say it. 

That’s okay! 

We’re here to give you a few tips. 

  1. For when your friend has been increasingly distant.

Often, when someone in recovery is struggling they will create distance between themselves and those closest to them. If you feel like that’s happening, don’t panic. 

The last thing they’ll want is an overload of messages. 

Try this: “Hi friend, I know that you’ve been taking some time for yourself lately. I just wanted to let you know that your progress has not gone unnoticed and I’m so proud of the work, time, and effort you’ve devoted to living your best life! XO, your friend.”

  1. For when your friend reaches a milestone. 

Even though a milestone is a big deal, too much praise can put pressure on your friend. For this, you’ll want to take their lead. 

If they seem excited, then be excited with them! If they are wanting to keep things low-key, offer to have a small dinner or movie night. 

Celebration looks different for everyone, so respect their wishes and do your best to help them feel celebrated! 

Tip: You can still write a mushy card if you want to be extra supportive! 

  1. For when your friend has a slip-up. 

With this scenario, again, you’ll want to take their lead. 

Everyone reacts differently to relapse. It’s a very personal and often traumatic experience. As a friend, the best thing you can do is just be there for support when needed. 

Try this: “Hi friend, just checking in on you. I wanted to remind you that your progress is not lost, and the work you’ve put in still matters. I’ve seen you make tremendous improvements towards reaching your goals. Whatever you need, I’ve got your back. I believe in you.”

  1. For when your friend needs a gentle reminder. 

A kind note goes a long way! Have you ever received an uplifting text message out of the blue? It’s the best feeling! You can change someone’s entire day or week by doing this. 

You can send a gentle reminder at any time. Generally, you’ll want to do two things - acknowledge their progress and encourage them to keep going. 

Here are two examples: 

Try this: Hi friend, just writing to let you know what a light you’ve been in my life! I’m so proud of the growth I’ve seen from you lately and can’t wait to see you keep shining this year. Love, your friend. 

Try this: Hi friend, I’m popping in your inbox to say that you’re a rockstar and I’m so proud to call you my friend. Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re killin’ it. XO, your friend. 

Want to be a next-level best friend?

Whether it’s for a milestone gift or just a random nicety, NOPE makes the perfect present for your sober friends and family!

Check out our original mocktails, ready to go with fresh fruits and unique flavor profiles. Help your friend feel special by grabbing a drink made just for them.

Shop our flavors today!

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

3 Small Steps to Forgiving Yourself in Recovery.

Today, we are tackling a heavy topic. But don’t worry, we’re breaking things down in a few simple steps to avoid overwhelm. 

The biggest lesson you can learn in your healing journey is this - it takes time. 

It takes time to accept change, learn from it, and heal. 

Beth Ann, our founder, and fearless leader started NOPE to help inspire the kind of change that heals people! We understand that forgiveness is an essential part of healing.

In this post, we’re sharing a bit of wisdom about taking the necessary steps to forgive yourself in recovery. 

How do we work on forgiveness in ourselves? 

As we said earlier, these things take time. You’ll want to take small, consistent steps toward finding forgiveness. Writing yourself an apology letter is an excellent place to start. 

Before others can forgive you, you have to forgive yourself! By writing an apology to yourself, you’re making amends. 

In the letter, you can admit that you messed up. Write it all down.

When you’ve finished writing and reading the letter you can let those things go. 

Pro tip: Read your letter out loud. Speak your truth into the world to allow yourself to move on. Know that those choices don’t define you.

  1. Invest in tools and resources.

In any form of recovery, your resources are everything. Grab a book, speak to an expert, devote a journal to this quest. 

At one point or another, we all have to forgive ourselves. This means a million and one people have written and documented their forgiveness journey, even Oprah! Take advantage of those who are sharing their story. 

Investing in tools is a small step that can carry you far. 

You might read a book and then pick it back up a year later only to find an entirely new meaning. Solid resources can last you a lifetime. 

  1. Be specific with what your forgiveness looks like. 

Allow yourself to imagine what forgiveness would look like for you. 

Would your days feel lighter? We would regain confidence? 

Write down what your forgiveness looks like. Having a clear vision of what you’re working towards will help you get there. 

  1. Lastly, stop playing the tape. 

You are allowed to stop replaying this event, or events, in your head. Playing the tape over and over will only reopen your wound further. 

We give you permission to stop! 

If you’re actively working on this, you will notice a difference. Try not to rush your feelings and let this process happen naturally. 

Ready to get started? 

Here are a few resources we recommend for self-forgiveness:



We make it our mission to support this community to the best of our ability! You know us as beverage experts, but we’re also mental health advocates. 

Whatever change you’re making in life, we’ll be right by your side ready to celebrate with an ice-cold alt-tail!

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

Telling Friends and Fam You're Putting Down Booze

If you’re thinking about putting down alcohol in hopes of a happier and healthy life, go you! Booze just isn’t for everyone and often causes chaos for many people. We’re here to provide you with the best alcohol-free drink options, but also to share some knowledge. 

Sharing is definitely caring in the sober community.

Getting sober might require having some tough conversations. Being honest about your feelings and intentions is all you can do!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when talking to family and friends about your sober goals. 

The choice is completely yours. 

You don’t need permission from anyone to get sober. You also don’t need everyone to agree with you. If someone doesn’t support you wanting to better your life, then you might be better off without ‘em! You might get a few comments like, “who will I drink with now?” It’s not your responsibility to be anyone’s drinking buddy. Your only responsibility is to take care of yourself. 

Chances are, you only see that person when alcohol is involved. Bar friends are often not genuine friends. That doesn’t make them bad people, just not the best fit for your lifestyle. 

No need to get detailed. 

All you have to say is this - “I’m getting sober and I’d love to have your support in this journey.”  No need to tell everyone everything you’ve ever done. Now, it may be helpful to discuss your experience with addiction with a close friend or therapist. Just don’t feel pressured to expose everything! 

When someone asks if you’d like a drink, it’s perfectly acceptable to just say no. People who support you won’t push you for an explanation. 

The right people at the right time.

When you’re beginning your sober journey it’s totally up to you who you’re vulnerable with. It may be easier to just start with those closest to you - the people you interact with most often. Then, once you feel comfortable you can share with more people. There is no need to tell anyone, but sometimes it helps to have support! Telling your entire Facebook list on day one might be overwhelming, so just be sure to protect yourself. 

Answering questions you don’t know the answer to.

Friends and family might ask what your plan is, or how long you’ll be sober. If you don’t have the answer, just say that! You don’t need to know everything right away. You’re just doing your best. 

Ask for what you need. 

If you’re looking for support and guidance, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Maybe you just need some space and alone time to find what you’re looking for! Be direct and honest about what will help you the most in reaching your goal of sobriety. 

Just remember that the choice is yours! Put yourself and your sobriety first. If someone in your life is unsupportive, take some space away for a while. They may come around, but you don’t need someone who can’t support you bettering your life. You’ve got this! 

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

5 Ideas for Having The Perfect AF Night In

At this point, we’re no strangers to the idea of a night in, right? We’ve got this down. However, once in a while, it’s okay to break free from your regular snacks and Netflix series. If you haven’t noticed, NOPE is all about stepping away from the norm and into something better.

Even though we’re spending plenty of time inside, there’s still room to have fun with it. 

Whether that means self-care, hanging with friends, or trying something new. It’s all possible to do alcohol-free. You’ll remember all the funny comments, genuine connections, and feel alive enough to conquer the next day! 

So, we’ve got 5 ideas for your perfect alcohol-free night in. Let us know how it goes! 

Build an AF nighttime relaxation routine.

If there’s anything we learned last year, it’s that taking care of our mind and body is absolutely crucial. Building a nighttime routine you love can help in fighting alcohol cravings. You have something to rely on! Whether you want to include fitness, journaling, spiritual practice, meditation, or skincare - it’s all up to you! The important part is to create something you’ll actually look forward to. 

Feel free to indulge all of your senses! Light some candles, grab a fuzzy blanket, listen to relaxing music, and enjoy something delicious. We recommend our rosemary vanilla lemonade

Host an alcohol-free game night.

Hosting a game night is one of those things that can sound lame at first, but always leaves everyone with no voice and sore abs from laughing all night. Letting loose with a few friends is a perfect way to spend a Saturday night alcohol-free. Whip up some shareable snacks and add a prize to boost the competitive spirit. 

A game night is perfect for family, double dates, or even girls night. The best part? There are a million and one options for games. There is something for everyone out there! Plus, booze-free competitions are always much friendlier and don’t usually end in arguments. Just sayin’.

Get your life in order. 

Sometimes we all need a little organizational bliss. You might just need to get all the unfinished tasks in your head down on paper. This doesn’t mean you complete everything in one night, but making a plan can really reduce some stress. Devise a plan that feels doable for you, check off one or two things that night, and then rest easy knowing you’ve got a new strategy.

DIY something just for you.

Getting in touch with your creative side is an easy way to break out of your normal routine. Creating and finishing a project on your own gives you a sense of accomplishment! You can try your hand at painting, vision-boarding, restoring furniture, jewelry making, etc. Pinterest is a great resource for DIY projects. 

Get inspired, grab an alcohol-free mango marg, and start creating! You might just find your new favorite hobby. 

Get creative in the kitchen. 

The pandemic has put no shortage of resources online for us, and this includes cooking classes. You can find instructional videos to create any kind of cuisine imaginable. So, you don’t have to try a new recipe with zero help. You can also find live videos, or sign up for a zoom cooking class. Once you decide what’s on the menu, you can also create an atl-tail to pair with it! 
The kitchen is also a great space to connect with a partner or bond with family. Feel free to recruit others to be chefs for the night as well! Connection and conversation don’t always have to be centered around booze!

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

10 Feel-Good Ways to Enjoy NOPE This Weekend!

Great news! Spring is coming and we’ll finally start to feel the sun on our faces again. Not sure about you, but we’re ready for some sunshine and a good time. At NOPE, we’re very serious about having a blast in the most feel-good way possible - booze-free! As summer will hopefully bring us more positive energy, we don’t like to dampen that with any kind of toxin. 

So, if you’re searching for something fun to do this weekend, then you’re in the right place. Feeling inspired by the warm weather headed our way, we’ve put together 10 feel-good ways you can enjoy NOPE this weekend!

If you’re out doing one of these activities, or a few, feel free to tag us in a photo! 

Watch the sunset with your favorite alcohol-free beverage.

Do you have a sunset spot? If you don’t, you need to fix that right away. Everyone needs a favorite spot to watch the sun melt into the trees, creating all sorts of colors and good vibes.  

Finish something you’ve been avoiding.

Have you ever put something off for months just for it to only take you 20 minutes to complete? Yeah, same. However, this time you can reward yourself with something delicious - and guilt-free! Pick a chore that you’ve been avoiding, pick your favorite flavor of NOPE, and get going! Once you’ve completed your task, you can enjoy your beverage without worrying about that one thing you needed to do. See? We’ve got your back!

Try pairing NOPE with a new recipe!

Play chef for the night and surprise your family with a new recipe! If you haven’t heard, kids like NOPE too. 

Make a new playlist to share, or to keep for yourself. 

Our raspberry lime ginger beer has been known to provide some pretty great vibes. Who says you can’t have a playlist for every mood? 

Plan an early start one morning.

The best part of living alcohol-free is that early mornings are a possibility whenever you feel like it! There’s something very peaceful about being the first one awake on a Saturday morning. Take some time to journal, meditate, and move your body. We should mention - there are no rules against drinking an alt-tail at 8 am, and it won’t ruin the rest of your day!

Visit a local food truck, or grab takeout for a picnic.

Support your local food trucks! Grab something great to eat, a rosemary vanilla lemonade, and sit outside somewhere with a friend. 

Pick a book for the afternoon, but make it fancy!

Books are an incredible stress reliever. You know it, and we know it too. Dive into a world outside your own! You can fancify your reading experience with a NOPE mocktail recipe in your finest glassware - even if that’s just a solo cup from the pantry. 

Connect with someone new in the sober community.

With zero shortage of incredibly passionate and kind people in the sober and sober-curious community, finding a connection is easy. Hop online and find a few new friends today! 

Find a fun puzzle to do with a friend. 

Doing a puzzle is kind of like starting a new Netflix series - it’s a commitment. Except this commitment is better for your brain. We suggest you grab this gorgeous gradient puzzle and a mango marg!

Disconnect for the day.

What better way to enjoy NOPE than with zero distractions? Put your phone down, close the laptop screen, and turn off the TV. Seriously, your mental health with thank you tomorrow.

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

Our Best Tips for the First 30 Days Booze-free

Cutting out alcohol is not an easy task for anyone. If you’re embarking on that brave journey, you should be proud of yourself. We’re proud of you too. 

Many sober folks will tell you that the first 30 days are tough, and they aren’t lying! The best thing you can do is to go in prepared. Everyone has a different experience, but feeling ready for it will only help you. 

Below are a few things we suggest focusing on in your first 30 days!

Connect with community. 

It’s important to have a safe space where you can share your ups and downs without fear of judgment. A community doesn’t need to be 30 people, it could just as easily be 3. The point is to surround yourself with people who understand your specific struggles. You’ll have to do a lot less explaining to them versus someone who doesn’t have experience with addiction. 

You can find meetings devoted to alcohol recovery in-person or online. There is also a very large presence of sober people on social media - many of whom are always open to chat! 

Stay away from the watering hole. 

Wherever it was that you used to drink - don’t go there. If it’s a bar, take a vacation from that spot while you’re in the early phase of sobriety. If you used to drink at a friend’s house and people still drink there, don’t go there. We promise it’s really that simple. Remember, it doesn’t have to be forever. You’ll know when you’re ready to venture out again if you choose to do so. Take time for yourself. 

Journal your progress. 

If you’re someone who thinks a lot at night, try journaling your thoughts. Put all of your frustration in a notebook, close it, and imagine it’s left your body to sit on the nightstand for the night.  

Fight to forgive yourself.

Forgiving yourself for the past is absolutely one of the toughest steps in sobriety. You may not accomplish this in 30 days either. But, here’s the thing - forgiving yourself takes time. In those first 30 days, allow yourself to begin thinking about forgiveness. Start thinking about what it’ll take to earn forgiveness from yourself.

Try not to think about forever.

Just focus on what’s in front of you right now - 30 days. Thinking about forever can be very overwhelming, and there’s no need to think about it when you’re just starting. Take things one day at a time!

Don’t judge yourself too harshly.

This process can bring out plenty of emotions. You’re bound to feel thrilled on some days and full of anger or stress on other days. That is perfectly normal. Getting sober is a massive lifestyle change. If you need to cancel plans or stay in bed all day just to stay sober and sane - then do it. 

Better days are coming, but you’ve got to get through the first 30. Don’t judge yourself for feeling a whirlwind of emotions! It’s okay to be afraid or sad. You’re essentially mourning your old life and starting a new one. Remember, nothing worth having is easy.

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

Change the way you chill.

Who doesn’t love a party, right? Birthdays, graduations, holidays, happy hours... But does celebrating mean you have to wake up feeling guilty or hungover, with foggy memories or cringe worthy flashbacks from the night before? Nope. Take the booze out. Keep the fun and taste in. Don’t sit this one out. Pour a Nope. Cheers!

NOPE: Where it's made?

NOPE is produced at NOBL Beverages, a state-of-the-art beverage facility in Seabrook, NH offering co-packing services to customers like us, just starting out. They helped bring NOPE to life and uniquely understand that production is only one half of building a beverage brand.

Like NOPE, they support the importance of creating innovative offerings made using natural ingredients. They put quality first, never use artificial flavors, source local ingredients whenever available, and use gentle, natural processing methods to protect the natural flavors of their products.