10 Feel-Good Ways to Enjoy NOPE This Weekend!

Great news! Spring is coming and we’ll finally start to feel the sun on our faces again. Not sure about you, but we’re ready for some sunshine and a good time. At NOPE, we’re very serious about having a blast in the most feel-good way possible - booze-free! As summer will hopefully bring us more positive energy, we don’t like to dampen that with any kind of toxin. 

So, if you’re searching for something fun to do this weekend, then you’re in the right place. Feeling inspired by the warm weather headed our way, we’ve put together 10 feel-good ways you can enjoy NOPE this weekend!

If you’re out doing one of these activities, or a few, feel free to tag us in a photo! 

Watch the sunset with your favorite alcohol-free beverage.

Do you have a sunset spot? If you don’t, you need to fix that right away. Everyone needs a favorite spot to watch the sun melt into the trees, creating all sorts of colors and good vibes.  

Finish something you’ve been avoiding.

Have you ever put something off for months just for it to only take you 20 minutes to complete? Yeah, same. However, this time you can reward yourself with something delicious - and guilt-free! Pick a chore that you’ve been avoiding, pick your favorite flavor of NOPE, and get going! Once you’ve completed your task, you can enjoy your beverage without worrying about that one thing you needed to do. See? We’ve got your back!

Try pairing NOPE with a new recipe!

Play chef for the night and surprise your family with a new recipe! If you haven’t heard, kids like NOPE too. 

Make a new playlist to share, or to keep for yourself. 

Our raspberry lime ginger beer has been known to provide some pretty great vibes. Who says you can’t have a playlist for every mood? 

Plan an early start one morning.

The best part of living alcohol-free is that early mornings are a possibility whenever you feel like it! There’s something very peaceful about being the first one awake on a Saturday morning. Take some time to journal, meditate, and move your body. We should mention - there are no rules against drinking an alt-tail at 8 am, and it won’t ruin the rest of your day!

Visit a local food truck, or grab takeout for a picnic.

Support your local food trucks! Grab something great to eat, a rosemary vanilla lemonade, and sit outside somewhere with a friend. 

Pick a book for the afternoon, but make it fancy!

Books are an incredible stress reliever. You know it, and we know it too. Dive into a world outside your own! You can fancify your reading experience with a NOPE mocktail recipe in your finest glassware - even if that’s just a solo cup from the pantry. 

Connect with someone new in the sober community.

With zero shortage of incredibly passionate and kind people in the sober and sober-curious community, finding a connection is easy. Hop online and find a few new friends today! 

Find a fun puzzle to do with a friend. 

Doing a puzzle is kind of like starting a new Netflix series - it’s a commitment. Except this commitment is better for your brain. We suggest you grab this gorgeous gradient puzzle and a mango marg!

Disconnect for the day.

What better way to enjoy NOPE than with zero distractions? Put your phone down, close the laptop screen, and turn off the TV. Seriously, your mental health with thank you tomorrow.

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit www.nicolewritesit.com.